Annette Morris

Annette Morris is the face of ErinHill Sketching in France.

Annette is British and has lived in Languedoc for over 10 years. As well as a bilingual Francophile she's a web designer, marketing consultant, exhibiting artist and the founder of Urban Sketchers Languedoc.

Workshops with Annette take place in a variety of locations and tailored to the needs of the students taking part, helping you through a programme of foundation skills with the simple ErinHill Sketching method until you become a confident and passionate travel sketcher.

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Travel Sketching Philosophy

So many of us were told at a young age, possibly at school that ‘we could not draw’ or, were not good enough. Our brains then engaged in “I cannot draw attitude” throughout the rest of our working lives.

Travel sketching is a perfect way to re engage the creative part of your brain that has been lying dormant, through a series of classes that will have you sketching in no time and enjoying exploring your new found creativity.
Use just your eyes, your pen, your sketchbook. No digital image can see the way you do.

It’s your impression of what you see in that moment. Your interpretation. We take you step by step to creating your sketch.

Our minimal sketch kit is designed to be with you at all times.

Observe quickly, sketch quickly, apply colour sparingly. Move on.

You’ll know a great deal more about your subject by observing and sketching it than by taking a photo.

You can never go wrong. Simply make changes right over the top.

Keep every sketch as each one is part of a learning journey. We’re not looking for ‘perfect’.

Wobbly and imperfect lines add personality to your sketches.

Enjoy what you create. It cannot be compared to anybody else’s. It’s yours. It’s unique.

Absolutely everybody can learn to sketch!

ErinHill Sketching is taught in classes & workshops in Australia, New Zealand, USA and the South of France.

We won’t be teaching you to paint a perfect painting, our passion and focus is on teaching travel sketching - sketching what you see on location, as you do when traveling, in the time you have. Your impression.

Too much of today's life is about reasoning and logic. ErinHill Sketching is about getting in touch with your creative side. The focus is on fun and enjoying your personal creative expression.

When we impose a time limit you don't have the opportunity to 'overwork' or 'overthink' your sketch. The pen takes over, not the brain. That is why so many of our students say they see the world differently and feel more confident in other aspects of their lives. This underlines EVERYTHING we teach. Some people call it Mindfulness. We call it Travel Sketching!

Our passionate tutors are qualified in the EHS system so you’ll have the same high quality experience in all our Courses, Workshops and Sketch Holidays wherever you are.
Every class is different and there are endless opportunities to learn something new.

Erin Hill - Founder

Erin has developed a simple system of teaching others to 'Travel Sketch' based on a lifetime as a both a professional Artist and a Creative Director in the Advertising world. See a selection of Erin's sketches in France here.