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Half day workshops with Annette: 75€

Saturday 11 May - BéziersTuesday 14 May - La RedorteFriday 24 May AssignanWednesday 29 May: PuisserguierTuesday 4 June - MagalasTuesday 11 June - BéziersWednesday 12 June - Valras PlageThursday 13 June - CapestangFriday 14 June - Port La NouvelleSaturday 15 June - MinerveMonday 17 June - Saint ChinianTuesday 18 June Assignan

Workshops with Erin Hill: 125€/day

15 June Paris Simple shapes in Paris Streetscapes16 June Paris Getting Loose with Paris Watercolour17 June Paris Putting people in your Paris Cafe Sketches18 June Paris ‘Carol Gillot of the famous ‘Paris Breakfasts’ Sketch & Walk21 June Caunes-Minervois Seeing the shapes in French Village laneways22 June Caunes-Minervois Getting Loose with French Watercolour23 June Caunes-Minervois Classic French Food sketching24 June Caunes-Minervois Putting people in your Cafe Sketches4 July Getting Loose with Watercolour - Narbonne11 July French Food - Carcassonne18 July People and Cafes - Caunes-Minervois20 July 5 Simple shapes in Travel Sketching - Azille25 July Water and Boats - Le Somail1 August Trees and Greenery - Lézignan-Corbières8 August Landscapes Foregrounds and Backgrounds - Homps

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